• - Business insightas never before

    - See results in daysthan months

    - All data sources covered including spreadsheets

  • - Dashboards to analyse performance

    - Analytical charts to discover trends

    - Detailed Reports to Increase efficiency

  • - Marketing

    - Underwriting

    - Claims

    - Finance

    - Operations

  • - We have done the scripting – Just plug your data

    - Save up to 80% of development effort

    - Dedicated support – On-site and Off-site


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Powered with QlikView, the new generation business intelligence tool, Radiant BI provides analysis, reporting and dashboards to every insurance business domain from marketing to underwriting, claims to reinsurance, accounting to actuarial analysis.

Radiant BI enables business to uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions. Radiant BI boasts a flexible and comprehensive data model that can be tailored to fit individual company needs.

Created by specialists with proven insurance experience, Radiant BI provides immediate results by cutting down time and effort spent on requirements gathering, development, UAT and maintenance