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QlikView is a new generation business intelligence tools that focus on providing self-service BI. It provides business insight by consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application. It differs from other BI tools through its patented associative in-memory technology making it smarter and quicker decision enabling BI tool.

Data from numerous sources can be imported and transformed into a single repository, which serves as a reservoir for visual analyses of data for unprecedented business insights resulting in effective decision making.

QlikView allows the creation of highly interactive dashboards, analytical charts and reports which can be accessed from popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

QlikView enjoys higher customer satisfaction with product (96%) and it is positioned in Garner’s Leaders Quadrant for the third consecutive year.

Our Services
With our years of experience gathering, analysing and developing reports for various insurers, we offer expert QlikView consulting, development, implementation and reporting services for clients across the globe.

We specialise in building QlikView applications, dashboards, analytical charts, and reports, as well as integrating QlikView with several ERP (SAP, Oracle amongst several others), CRM and other enterprise systems.
Among others, we specialise in creating the following for Insurance organisations:
- Aggregation of Bordereau reports received from coverholder,agents and brokers
- Reconciliation of premium and claim accounts
- Management Dashboards showing key performance indicators across the organisation
- Comparison charts across dimensions such as customer, quote, policy, claim, premium, agency etc.
- Maps showing the geographical spread of claim augmented with detailed claim information.
- Dashboards and detailed reports covering New Business, Policy Servicing, Claims and Premium accounting.
- Analytical Charts covering Claim Movements, Loss Ratio and Triangulation reports.
- Premium and Claim Bordereau reports.
- Reinsurance session reports for proportional and non-proportional treaties.