Benefits of ClaimDB include:

1. Less time to action a claim
ClaimDB holds all claim related information (referrer, Hire Company, solicitor, storage and recovery and many more) in a central place and use them while creating a claim file. This eliminates errors and omissions while saving time and effort.
2. Use it from anywhere when needed.
ClaimDB is cloud based which allow users to login, add or retrieve claim information from anywhere in the world using any mobile device, 24/7.
3. Keep track of Money flow.
ClaimDB allow invoices to be raised from information held in claim files, reconcile received and chase outstanding. Record commission received and paid and other expenses. Various built-in reports show values by parties/user/week/month/quarter/yearly
4. Manage Parties
ClaimDB allow users to setup and maintain parties like referrers, garages, solicitors, recovery and storage companies, hire companies and many more. Once setup, they are available for use in claim files. ClaimDB allow invoice or a payment to be raised for parties held in it. Reports can be generated to show financial information related to the parties
5. Save time with Document management
With ClaimDB, documents either as word or PDF can be generated using information held in claim file. Generated documents and other documents received from customers are stored along with the claim file for easy retrieval and customer forwarding. Furthermore, remainders can be set against documents to track if they were received back from customers.
6. Save time with Emails
ClaimDB allow users to create standard emails using information held in claim file or write a bespoke one. Documents can be attached directly from claim files which saves time and effort. Emails sent/received are held within the claim file to show all correspondence related to that claim file or customer
7. Efficient Team Collaboration and Work Management
Multi-user accounts can be created within ClaimDB. Claim files created by users can be shared among colleagues. Claim files can be assigned to individuals and prioritised for action. ClaimDB allows users to see those files that need action on a given day. Various reports allow users to see forthcoming and outstanding items like invoices, payments and many more.
8. Enhance Performance with Dashboard
ClaimDB has interactive analytical charts that allow user to see company performance in terms of customers gained and revenue earned compared to previous years. Allocation of claim, revenue earned and money spent on various parties and many more.
Charts and reports in ClaimDB allow management to gain insight into operations and take decisive action to enhance performance and growth.