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Radiant DMS provides straight through processing of data received from brokers and agents. Especially when agreements call for varying information in different formats such as Spreadsheets, CSV files, XML, PDF etc.

Radiant DMS is an automated data management solution that:

  • Tracks data arrival from brokers and agents
  • Validates missing or invalid information
  • Standardise data and monitors agreement compliance
  • Produce business insight

Key Features

  • Manages data received from brokers and agents with no human intervention
  • Data errors highlighted and emailed back to brokers and agents automatically
  • Warnings / alerts produced for agreement breaches
  • Transactions fully audited and history held
  • Easy creation of templates for different lines of business
  • Utilise Microsoft SSIS modules that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your requirements
  • Management Dashboards, Analytical charts and detailed reports produced with Microsoft SSRS and Qlikview
  • Easy to use report wizard to create your own reports
  • Easy integration with your existing systems


DMS validates the data against broker/agents agreements held in the system.

Among others, the system can be configured to generate errors and alerts

  • Missing information
  • Invalid information
  • Duplicate risks
  • Policy Restrictions
  • Per risk limit breaches
  • Aggregate limit breaches
  • Breaches of location restrictions
  • Maximum policy periods
  • Invalid Claim
  • Claim Restrictions
  • TPA Restrictions
  • Claim Values

Data Transformation

  • Allows data to be transformed into other formats/values before they are stored into destinations.
  • Can be configured to perform simple lookups for alternative values or complicated calculation based on user definition.

Audit History

  • All transactions are fully audited and history held for verification.
  • Allow transactions to be rolled back or re-applied after errors are corrected.

Easy to configure

  • Templates created just by uploading spreadsheets or XSD file containing the data format.
  • Adding validation and transformations done by just a few clicks.
  • Validated data mapped to internal/external data store with or without conditions.
  • Captures all aspects of agreements and generates schedule of reports to expect from brokers and agents.
  • Easy to use utilities to upload reference data for validation purpose.


  • Generates management dashboards, analytical charts and detailed reports using internal and external data.
  • Reports produced using Microsoft SSRS and or Qlikview based on user requirements.
  • Easy to use wizard allows business users to create their own reports.


  • Web application using Microsoft .net technology with c-sharp code behind.
  • Utilise Microsoft SSIS (integration service - the most powerful ETL tool for building corporate data warehouse) for data retrieval and processing.
  • SSIS allows for easy customisation to meet your business needs.
  • Reports produced using Microsoft - SSRS (Reporting service)/QlikView.